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Glo Pro Glowing Party Cups

Glo Pro 20 Count Glowing Party Cups 7 Colors.

Glo Pro 20 Count Glowing Party Cups 7 Colors.

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Is there any better kind of party than a neon glow party?
No, we thought not! If you’re not much of a raver but love things that glow, then worry not. Glow party supplies have never been so popular.

Two essential elements to any glow party are most definitely party cups and glow sticks, and in a stroke of inspiration we’ve combined the two to put the ‘fun’ in any function. Grabbing some glow in the dark party supplies will ensure that your event will be a success every time.

Glo Pro cups are also extremely versatile. Beer, liquor, even soda; our cups don’t judge you on your choice of beverage. Sip quietly in the corner or use them for an exciting game of glowing beer pong. One thing’s for sure – these cups help bring people together. So what are you waiting for? Have a look around and once you’re ready to stock up on your glow party decorations just order our glowing cups quickly and easily.


Where can I use these awesome cups?
Any party that you don't want to be lame.., Kids Birthdays, Graduation, BBQ, Camping, Wedding, Beer Pong, Concert events, and anything else that needs a cup! Watch as everyone picks out a favorite color and never forgets which cup is theirs.

Can the cups be used more than once?
Of course they can! After the cups are done glowing they can be hand washed for regular cold cup use. They are NOT dishwasher safe. They are made from a heavier material than a regular party cup and can be used again.
If you decide not to reuse the cups they can be recycled!

What’s in the box?
Package includes:
20 count 16 fl oz clear glow cups.
20 count glow cup sticks in 7 assorted colors - Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, and Yellow.
Cups have "Glo Pro" logo printed on them.
Comes in retail package. Great for gift giving!

How long do the cups glow?
They’ll last for 8 – 12 hours, so long after the party our cups will still be glowing and looking great!

How does it work?
Simple! Just crack and shake the glow stick, then insert it into our specialy formed cup rim.

Can I play glowing pong with these cups?
Are you kidding? Duh!!
Our cups now make the game visible in the dark. With 20 glow in the dark cups in every pack, we provide you with the perfect amount of equipment to start a game of glowing pong (10 cups per side). Glowing pong is the perfect way to liven up your party and bring everyone together. Our cups make it easier than ever to host an event that people will be talking about for weeks to come!

Compliments any party decor!
Great for birthdays, celebrations, and gatherings


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