Kick A$$ Glow Party Ideas

Kick A$$ Glow Party Ideas

Kick A$$ Glow Party Ideas

Glow With A Flow.

It's settled: you've decided to host a fabulous glow party.

You've bought the blacklight.

You've sent the invites via Facebook (or maybe you’ve mailed glow-in-the-dark paper invitations if you’re feeling extra creative).
Now you need ideas for the party itself—ideas that will wow your guests and illuminate the room! From cups with a glowing twist to glow-in-the-dark games to unique party favors, we've got you covered for a cool glow party that is sure to be a hit for guests of all ages. 

Decorations To Brighten the Night.

We get it: you want to create just the right atmosphere for your party. One that lights up a room and puts your guests in the mood to have fun the instant they walk in the door. With this in mind, here are several ideas that will really add the glow to your next glow party:

  • Glow Stick Balloons. This is not a difficult decoration by any means. In fact, all you need are regular colored balloons and glow sticks—and maybe just a bit of hot air. Snap and insert a glow stick into an uninflated balloon, blow up, tie, and voila! An easy yet fabulous addition to your party. Note: don’t be afraid to go overboard with this particular decoration. The more glowing balloons, the better!
  • Glow Stick Necklaces. You don’t have to limit this party item to a mere necklace for your guests. Glow stick necklaces can serve as a cheap and versatile decoration that will only take minutes to assemble. Snap multiple glow stick necklaces together and string across the room for a bit of extra pizzazz.
  • Other Glow Stick Uses. All right, you might see a theme beginning to form here, but it’s a helpful rule of thumb: when you need an extra pop of color in your glow party, add a glow stick! Is there a boring cooler full of drinks in the corner? Throw a glow stick or two inside. Does the fan need some extra glamour? Tape several glow sticks to the blades and light up the ceiling with spinning colors. Hosting the party outside? Toss glow sticks in the pool to light up the water.

Glow Party Tableware. A key element of any party is the food—and a glow party is no different! Your guests will want a luminescent menu that adds to the fun, so be sure to check out these ideas for a glowing good time that lasts through the night.

  • A Glowing Centerpiece. If you’re trying to decide on the perfect centerpiece for that glowing table of food or party favors, look no further than adding a group of glow sticks inside a jar or vase (the longer 22” size is best). It's sure to make the table stand out in the room.
  • Perfect PlatesFor a cheap but fun way to keep the glow going during meal time, place a glow stick bracelet at each setting with a clear plastic plate over it. This is a great approach to brighten dinner without spending a lot of extra cash.
  • Glowing Cups. One fun, unique idea for further illuminating the night and making guests feel as though they've stepped into a hip new club? Cups that glow in the dark. Guests of all ages will enjoy sipping from a colorful cup that glows at the rim. (Technically a fun idea for any party, BBQ, etc.) For this particular item, we would recommend GloPro party cups. Packages come with twenty cups in seven different colors and you simply insert the glow sticks inside the specially-formed rim of the cup. Since the glow sticks have a lifespan of 8-12 hours, your guests can sip their glowing drinks as long as the party lasts!

  • Food With Flair. For this part of the night, think in terms of food that will reflect well under a blacklight. For example, vanilla ice cream, yogurt, and freshly peeled oranges are excellent menu items at a glow party. In addition, one fun treat in particular is glow-in-the-dark jello. Since tonic water glows a fluorescent color under a blacklight, simply use this instead of regular water when preparing the jello.

Fun Party Favors. You don't need a big budget to hand out awesome favors to your guests. Our favorite ideas include:

  • Neon colored rock candy
  • Packs of pop rocks
  • DIY glow-in-the-dark slime
  • White T-shirts that guests can paint with glow-in-the-dark paint. Just provide a short list of quote ideas that guests can use on their shirts, such as “Glow Queen” or “You Glow, Girl”
  • Sunglasses (buy $1 sunglasses and brush with glow-in-the-dark paint)
  • DIY glow-in-the-dark bubbles

 You can either give an assortment of these ideas to guests or just pick one. You can also place the favors in colored bags and attach fun tags to thank guests for attending your party. Tie a fluorescent balloon to each bag for a finishing touch.

Glow Games. Whatever the age group,games and activities are one of our favorite parts of a glow party! The bioluminescent fun can continue for hours with these ideas that will keep your guests active and engaged.

  • Glow stick ring toss. One fun game that your guests can play longafter dark is a glow stick ring toss. Use glow stick necklaces as the rings and follow this creative DIY article to make the base.
  • Glow-in-the-dark bowling. An easy way to play this game is to place glow sticks inside empty water bottles on the hallway floor or along the driveway. Roll a ball and let the bowling begin.
  • Glow-in-the-dark corn hole. If you're thinking of moving the festivities outside, prepare for a game of corn hole by painting the board and bean bags with fluorescent paint.
  • Beer pong. Use your GloPro party cups for the most bright and exciting game of beer pong that your guests have ever played.
  • Glowing dodgeball. For an energetic round of dodgeball, paint the ball with fluorescent paint. You might also ask your guests to wear fluorescent shirts. A backyard full of glowing guests will definitely liven up the party.

Conclusion. Whether you’re hosting a glow party for a kid’s birthday, an adult get-together, or any other reason, the ideas featured here could be adapted for all age levels. That's the special magic of glow-in-the-dark fun. No matter the age or occasion, your next glow party is sure to be lit!



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